Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11...look at all those 1's

WOW...can you believe that today is 1-11-11!! I can't believe it is alreaday a new year and I can't believe that the first month is almost over. Where, oh where, has it gone? I can tell you this, we are finally seeing our real first cold spell of this winter season. We have have been pretty lucky up until this week. Yesterday was our first snow day of the season, and then another one today. Here is a bit of why we had the snow day...

I believe total we had about 11" of snow, if not more. It was a very pretty snow while it was falling, but has cause a lot of headaches. This is the type of weather where you just want to stay home and stay in your jammies!! I will share with you, one more of my photos, that I was able to get during this snow.

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